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Most online casinos use various bonus offers to attract new members and retain the old ones. However, before you accept any bonus offer – even a no deposit bonus offer – it is very important that you read the fine print and find out the terms and conditions for the offer. Some casino bonus offers are horrible for the player and should be accepted by no one. Other are great for certain players, but not for others, so you need to take your personal gambling preferences into account when you compare different offers.

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Casino bonus wager requirementcasino bonus

One of the most important aspects of a bonus offer is the wager requirement. Naturally, no online casino likes people who just arrive, accept a bonus, take the bonus money, and leave. To prevent such “bonus grabs” most online casinos employ a system where you have to wager the bonus amount a certain number of times before you can make a withdrawal.

Here are a few examples of things to look out for when you check out a bonus offer.

Does the wager requirement pertain to the bonus amount only, or to bonus + deposit?

How the bonus requirement is calculated can make a huge difference, and sometimes online casinos are quite fuzzy about this important info.

Let’s for instance say that you see a bonus offer that says “Deposit €100 and get a €200 welcome bonus. Wager requirement is 35. “

Now, if the wager requirement is for the bonus amount only, the wager requirement is €200 x 35 = €7000. If the wager requirement on the other hand is for the bonus + the deposited amount, the bonus requirement is (€100 + €200) x 35 = €10,500.

Exactly how frozen will your account be until you have fulfilled the wager requirement?

Is it only the bonus money that stays frozen, or will your entire account be frozen, including deposited money and any winnings?

Will you be allowed to make transfers to other parts of the gambling site (e.g. from the online casino to sports betting) while your account is frozen from withdrawals?

How much of each wager on your favorite games will contribute to the wager requirement?

It is not unusual for online casinos to only let wagers on certain game types (e.g. slots and scratch cards) contribute 100% towards the bonus requirement. Other games will contribute partly or not at all. Always check this up in advance. If your favorite game type is video poker, it is not nice to find out after accepting a casino bonus that wagers on video poker only count 10% towards the wager requirement. If you absolute adore to play the roulette, it’s not funny to realize that all your wagers on roulette contributed exactly 0% towards the wager requirement, and so on.

Casino bonus without a wager requirement

Some casinos have solved the problem with “bonus grabbing” by using other methods than the ubiquitous wager requirements. They may for instance give you a bonus that can be used for wagering only, i.e. a bonus that can not be withdrawn. Don’t forget to check out the terms for any winnings rendered by such a bonus, because the winnings might have a wager requirement attached to them.

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